class Tourmaline::EncryptedPassportElement

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Instance Method Summary

Constructor Detail

def : JSON::PullParser) #

Instance Method Detail

def data : String? #

def email : String? #

def files : Array(PassportFile) #

def front_side : Array(PassportFile) #

def hash : String #
Description copied from class Object

Generates an UInt64 hash value for this object.

This method must have the property that a == b implies a.hash == b.hash.

The hash value is used along with == by the Hash class to determine if two objects reference the same hash key.

Subclasses must not override this method. Instead, they must define hash(hasher), though usually the macro def_hash can be used to generate this method.

def phone_number : String? #

def reverse_side : Array(PassportFile) #

def selfie : PassportFile? #

def translation : Array(PassportFile) #