module Tourmaline::Client::PollMethods

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Log = ::Log.for("tourmaline.client.poll_methods")

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def send_poll(chat, question : String, options : Array(String), anonymous : Bool = true, type : Poll::Type = Poll::Type::Regular, allows_multiple_answers : Bool = false, correct_option_id : Int32? = nil, close_date : Time? = nil, open_period : Int32? = nil, closed : Bool = false, disable_notification : Bool = false, reply_to_message = nil, reply_markup = nil) #

Use this method to send a native poll. On success, the sent Message is returned.

def stop_poll(chat, message, reply_markup = nil) #

Use this method to stop a poll which was sent by the bot. On success, the stopped Poll with the final results is returned.